Quality and Style, Assimilated into One

The eGoScooter was created to combine the best of both worlds – the quality and durability you’d expect from a practical transportation device, coupled with the stylish design to set it apart from the competition. We are truly excited to offer what we believe to be the best electric scooter – fashionable, reliable, and sustainable.

The Center of Attention

Our Electric Scooter was created with the intent of perfection in mind. We paid attention to every detail – practical or cosmetic – to make the eGoScooter the ultimate riding experience. Bring it to your next hangout or family vacation and be the center of attention of all your friends!

Let the Journey Begin

Electric scooters aren’t just a product to us – they’re an experience and a lifestyle. The central idea of the eGoScooter has been “the journey”:

  • The journey we’ve taken in building this unique, reliable, beautiful, and flawless electric scooter.
  • The journey every one of our customers takes in searching for the right product to suit their needs.
  • The journey you’ll take with your new eGo Scooter.

Here at eGoScooter, we don’t want to sell you a scooter; we want to offer genuine experiences. The eGoScooter is the gift that keeps giving back.

Practical and Fun!

The eGoScooter is a fantastic electric scooter for so many different applications! First and foremost, it’s an excellent alternative to traditional transportation by car or bike. Unlike the clunky nature of bikes, or the environmental impact of diesel and petrol cars, the eGoScooter is a comfortable and eco-conscious alternative!

Our scooters are super simple to ride, making it easy for anyone – young or old – to get started. We focused on every detail to make our scooter riding experience pleasant and exhilarating. If you’ve been looking for the perfect scooter with a balance of comfortability and excitement, look no further – eGoScooter has you covered!

What Are You Planning to Use It For?

Enough about us! Buying a new electric scooter is about you and the places that you’re going to use it. Reach out and let our team know what your application requirements and preferences are – we’d be happy to address anything and everything we can to offer the right suggestion for your purchasing decision just email sales@egoscooter.co.uk , We look forward to hearing from you!

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If you've been feeling the nudge to use an electric scooter for commuting, there are many reasons why you should follow that intuition. While most of the benefits are personal, there are a few that all of Britain can benefit from (especially where the environment is concerned).
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Electronic scooters are gaining popularity worldwide. Global retail sales have increased from 44.3 million units in 2018 to 46.8 million units in 2019. This number is expected to reach nearly 5 million units by 2020. Not too long ago, these two-wheeled scooters were the go-to choice for children and teens. Today, they’re popular among all ages. It’s common to see business professionals riding their scooters to work and back home.