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Did you know there are over 225,000 motorhomes in the UK?

If you own one of them, chances are you’re already eager for your next motorhome adventure. Motorhomes and RVs are a fantastic way to get where you’re going—but what about when you arrive?

In the past, many people brought along old-fashioned bikes or scooters on their RV holidays. Have you thought about upgrading to a lightweight electric scooter instead?

Portable electric scooters are the perfect option for your motorhome getaway. Here are 5 reasons you’re sure to love them!

1. They’re Lightweight

The average bicycle weighs nearly 13kg, which is a lot of extra weight to haul on and off your motorhome.

In comparison, an aluminium lightweight scooter can weigh as little as 8kg. This makes it incredibly easy to lift, carry, fold, and manoeuvre.

2. They’re Space Savers

If you bring a bike on your motorhome trip, you’ve got to make space to store it. This means taking up valuable space inside your motorhome or installing a bicycle rack on the back.

Contrast that with a portable electric scooter, which folds up to an easy carry-on size. Slide it under the couch or bed and only take it out when you’re ready to ride.

Best of all? You can fold it in (literally) one second!

3. They’re Legal

Laws about scooter use in the UK and across Europe are changing. At present, it’s illegal to ride an electric scooter on roads or pavements throughout the UK.

So why does it make sense for a motorhome? The current law says “it is legal to use a powered transporter on private land with the permission of the landowner.”

Since campgrounds and surrounding areas are generally private land, you’re free to use a scooter to explore.

4. They’re Safe

The best electric scooters are designed with an array of features to keep you (and everyone around you) safe.

These include:

  • Dual brake system
  • Brake light
  • LED taillight
  • Shock absorber
  • Motor electronic brake on the handlebar
  • Foot friction rear brake on the back wheel
  • CE/UL/FCC/RoHS safety certification

Electric scooters maintain a steady but slow speed, maxing out around 15 miles per hour. This ensures you get where you want to go without the risks associated with higher speeds.

5. They’re Fun & Easy to Use

Let’s face it—pedaling a bicycle can be a lot of work. Don’t you love the idea of cruising around on a scooter instead so you can enjoy the scenery?

Electric scooters give you the ability to ride up to 18 miles before you need to recharge. They provide a great way to explore any area your motorhome gives you access to—without breaking a sweat!

Best of all, the battery will fully recharge in less than 3 hours, meaning you won’t have to wait long before you can ride again.

Where to Buy Portable Electric Scooters

As you can see, portable scooters are the logical choice for your motorhome holidays.

They’re lightweight, easy to store, and easy to use. And since you’ll be using them to explore private land outside the cities, there are no legal complications to worry about.

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