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If you’ve been feeling the nudge to use an electric scooter for commuting, there are many reasons why you should follow that intuition. While most of the benefits are personal, there are a few that all of Britain can benefit from (especially where the environment is concerned).

Together, we can incorporate ease, portability, and fun into our workdays. All it takes is two wheels and a tiny bit of wind in our sails. Here are five environmental and cost-effective reasons to scoot to work in the morning. 

1. Carbon Footprint

As the costs of commuting continue to rise, we know how to leave a little clink in our pockets. One of the best perks of scooting to work is your removal from the destruction of our natural environment.

Okay, that may be a little dramatic. But, most of us who commute to work via scooter enjoy knowing that we’re reducing our co2 emissions and keeping the air just a little bit cleaner. 

2. Traffic and Petrol

You only have to try it once to feel like you’re flying. While the rest of your city or town remains halted in a row of traffic, you can say sayonara to everyone as you flit by on your scooter. This means you’re not wasting petrol or diesel on a relatively short commute that requires endless amounts of time and money. 

Of course, you must abide by current UK law. While scooters aren’t allowed on footpaths, roads, or cycle lanes, if you can find a way to skirt around the beaten path to arrive on time to work, you’ve just found yourself a viable solution! While rows of traffic remain pitted against one another, you can continue to breeze on down the lane. 

3. Safe Storage and Protection

Some of the finest-quality scooters are able to fold and transport easily. Scooters that come with a one-click fold system can be easily folded in half and carried upstairs to the office.

We’re talking about a one-second process that creates convenient storage and easy portability. This protects your purchase, knowing you can politely store it under your desk as soon as you arrive at the office. 

How to fold the eGo electric scooter

If you’re place of work does not allow electric scooters inside. We still have a solution for you at eGo Scooter, we’re one of the only scooters on the UK market with a removable battery. That means you can lock your scooter up outside and charge the battery in the office. Portability and ease was our aim right from the start. 

4. Purchase More Power

Imagine the ability to cruise 15mph down a straight lane instead of hoofing it. This means you’re going to want to set aside about seven hundred pounds for a solid scooter with built in suspension. Buying a run of the mill scooter may not have enough power to propel you up those pesky hills in your commute.  

When you find a scooter that comes with a 300 watt high power motor, you’re suddenly able to climb hills and cover flat terrain without the smallest hitch. This not only increases your speed but also decreases your huffing and puffing. 

5. Finance the Fun

Which brings us to our final point – fun! All of us have a kid living inside of us somewhere, no matter how much we try to exert a stiff upper lip. Those who are able to embrace the child within are, oftentimes, happier individuals.

Now, there’s nothing fun about crashing, skinning a knee, or boinking a head. So, be sure to adhere to safety precautions. Wearing a helmet never caused any of these injuries. Avoiding rocky roads will also help you maintain the ease and fun that comes with scooting to work. 

Try an Electric Scooter for Commuting Today!

What do you have to lose by considering an electric scooter for commuting? You could reduce air pollution, speed up your travel time, minimize your physical exertion, and even have some fun.

Take a look at our seven different models today. You’ll find the right color, style, and price tag to suit your needs and help you and your inner child get to and from the office each and every day.