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Woman on an electric scooter on the road.

Are you looking to get around the city in a quick, safe, and cost-effective way? If so, an electric scooter can get you there!

As this alternative mode of transportation gains steam and worldwide attention, it’s natural to be concerned about the level of safety and security it offers. 

The good news? If you follow proper precautions, you’ll find that an electric scooter is one of the most reliable ways to sightsee, commute to work, visit friends and more. 

Today, we’re shedding a light on some top electric scooter safety tips to make sure you get the most out of every ride.

Ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Are Electric Scooters Safe?

Before we delve into specific road rules, let’s answer one burning question: Is riding an electric scooter safe?

The answer is a resounding “yes” and here’s why:

Most scooters don’t go faster than 20 miles an hour. In fact, ours cap out at 15 MPH. If you’re riding a bicycle with 10 to 20 gears, you have the potential to go much faster, which can increase your risk of losing control.

In addition, an electric scooter allows you to keep both of your feet planted during your ride. This increases your control and adds to your stability. 

Moreover, when you ride an electric scooter, U.K. law mandates that you cannot travel on roads or pavement. This means you’ll avoid areas with large amounts of traffic congestion and rush-hour traffic jams, adding to your safety.

As long as you follow a few set guidelines for using your scooter, you’ll be free to enjoy the ride in confidence. Let’s review what to do before you take off.

Top Three Electric Scooter Safety Tips

You might know how to ride an electric scooter, but are you doing it the right way? Here are a few scooter safety tips that can keep you protected.

1. Limit Rain Riding

You can’t control the weather, and there’s a chance you’ll need to drive your electric scooter in the rain. However, try to plan ahead and avoid doing so, if possible.

If you do find yourself caught in a downpour, go slow and avoid making sharp turns. Also, resist the urge to cruise through puddles and soak your friends. Roads get slick in the rain and your wheels could slip out from beneath you.

2. Suit Up

Before you head out on your electric scooter, it’s important to wear the correct protective gear and accessories. Essential items include:

  • A helmet
  • Knee pads
  • Elbow pads

Make sure your gear is certified to protect you against low-force multiple impacts as well as single high impacts. An ABS helmet is preferable, as its outer shell is durable and reliable. 

You should also make sure the scooter itself is fitted to your measurements. A too-big or too-small one can be cumbersome and challenging to operate. 

3. Don’t Show Off

“Look Ma, no hands!” only works in the movies. You might have seen videos on social media of professionals performing elaborate stunts with their scooters. Don’t try to replicate these moves at home.

In most cases, they’re using non-electric kick scooters to create these tricks. They also have years of professional training and a controlled environment on their side. 

Of course, these above tips also take into account basic safety advice applied when you operate any kind of moving vehicle, such as:

Enjoy Your Electric Scooter Today

Riding around on an electric scooter can be an absolute blast. You don’t have to let safety concerns quell your sense of adventure and fun!

When you follow these basic electric scooter safety tips, you’ll arrive in style to any destination. As more people seek to go green and limit their carbon footprint, you can expect to see many more of these vehicles on the road, so it’s smart to get ahead of the game.

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