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Electric scooters seem to be all the craze these days. The devices are making their way in massive droves to large urban areas as a means for transportation alternatives. City workers are using the devices to get around in replacement of cars and bikes as they are easy and cheap to operate, eco-friendly, and efficient for practical use.

However, while many cities have begun to adopt the technology, several urban areas still hold restrictions on the electric devices. Currently, the U.K. has specific rules and regulations regarding the use of electric scooters. Here are some of the more predominant notes regarding electric scooter laws in the U.K.:

U.K. Electric Scooter Law

Uk Law

At the time of this writing, the U.K. is holding restrictions on the use of electric scooters in urban areas. More specifically, the use of electric scooters is not allowed on roads or pavement. The laws have been put in place over the concern for general safety of drivers, road congestion and traffic, and the possibility of safety hazards for pedestrians.

Electric scooters have grown in use and popularity throughout Europe and many countries are beginning to revise or lift their restrictions entirely. However, at the current moment the devices remain mostly illegal for urban transportation use in the U.K.

Can Electric Scooters Still Be Used?

The short answer is, yes! Electric scooters are perfectly legal in the U.K. so long as they are used properly. The current restrictions don’t allow for urban transportation; however, electric scooter owners are allowed to use the scooters on private land.

This would obviously include your own personal land, but they are also legal to use on other’s “private land” so long as they explicitly permit the use of electric scooters.

Illegal Electric Scooter Use: Penalties

If you do happen to break the law regarding electric scooter use, keep in mind that the penalties can be hefty. Enforcement is cracking down on electric scooter use in cities and will issue citations for misuse or illegal scooter activity.

Currently, there is a £300 fixed-penalty notice and six points on the user’s driver’s license for riding the scooters on pavement in public areas. Electric scooters are listed as PLEVs (Personal Light Electric Vehicles), so law enforcement views and treats them as motor vehicles.

Buying an Electric Scooter: Is It Worth It?

It absolutely is. Electric scooters are a fun and efficient means of transportation that can be used on private land. In addition, restrictions on electric scooters are lifting fast in all of Europe, meaning that the U.K. may not be far away from an eScooter-regulation-free state.

On top of this, when restrictions are lifted, the demand for electric scooters in the U.K. will rise greatly and drive prices upwards. It’s a smart idea to purchase an electric scooter sooner rather than later to avoid price jumps in the instance of law revisions.