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adults on electric scooter

Scooters have long been known as children’s toys. Regardless of where or when you grew up, it’s almost certain that scooters were a part of your house or neighborhood in early childhood years. However, with the rise in electric scooters flooding the market, much of the “status quo” for scooter demographics is being challenged. Along with their recreational purpose, electric scooters – or eScooters – are gaining functional and real-world use cases.

What Are Electric Scooters?

Electric scooters are battery powered scooters that use small motors to propel themselves. It offers users an easy, hassle-free and efficient alternative to traditional transportation methods such as walking, running, biking, longboarding, or regular scootering.

The ease of use and portability of the devices has made them primarily popular for intercity transportation.

Are Electric Scooters for Adults?

Absolutely. In fact, electric scooters were created largely for functional purposes as opposed to strictly recreational use. They are growing in popularity in cities as urban workforces are seeing the potential electric scooters have to offer for cross-city transportation. They are economy-friendly, easy to operate, use renewable energy, and are incredibly efficient for day-to-day practical activities.

Electric scooters are an environmentally-friendly alternative to cars or public transportation since they operate off of rechargeable electric batteries, and are an excellent transportation alternative to bikes, walking, or long-boarding as they provide quicker, more efficient, and less-strenuous travel.

Selecting the Right Electric Scooter

Selecting the right electric scooter is all about how the balance between various different variables suits your specific needs. Most practical electric scooter use cases for adults take efficiency, longevity, mobility, and safety into consideration. Here are a few of our tips on selecting the best electric scooter for practical use:

E Scooter battery life

If you plan on using an electric scooter for practical transportation, battery life is huge. On a per-charge basis, you want something that will last you long enough for a full-days transportation need. However, you’ll also want to pay close attention to battery longevity – some batteries are built cheaply and wear down over time.

In general, the best way to know whether or not the battery is good is research. Customer reviews will be indicative of faulty or cheaply built batteries and you’ll want to steer clear of ones that wear out quickly.

Charge time on e scooter

This is a bit less important, but how quickly a scooter charges may be a helpful factor to consider. If you select an electric scooter with a lower battery life but a quick charge time, you can bring it back to a full battery before lunch time or your commute home from work.

How durable are e scooters really?

As an adult, your concern over durability is (hopefully) not about the beatings it can take, but rather the structural integrity of its build. Everything in an electric scooter matters – from the materials to wiring, soldering, bearings, motors, and everything in between. You need something that is built to last, and as with everything else, customer reviews and detailed research should give you the answers you need.

Finding the right e scooter for you.

Electric scooters are growing in popularity for adult use as they provide real, practical purposes in cross-city travel and economy-friendly alternatives to public transportation. If you are looking to purchase a scooter, make sure you do detailed research to find the right balance of durability, battery life, and charge time. Check out our guide to buying an electric scooter